Getting Started

Getting Started

To access free or subscriber materials, just set up a company administrator account. You'll be able to email a link to employees so they can register under your account. Your employees will have unlimited access to all our free materials, however the real value and benefit towards employees' continued education and training remains in the subscription based online courses and testing. You can buy subscriptions anytime.

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Over 170 topics for building supply professionals: job skills, estimators' worksheets, industry best practices, and links to third-party training and technical resources on the Web.

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Administrator Tools

Administrative Tools

Our suite of administrative tools helps you manage training in just minutes each month: Assign courses, track progress and quiz scores, or download progress reports.

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Skills Evaluation

Our skills evaluation test, helps you identify employees' strengths and weaknesses so you can recommend courses to build their expertise. Simply register your free company account, then assign the test to one or more employees from your administrator's control panel.

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Skills Evaluation

Learn anytime, anywhere

Learn anytime, anywhere

Our training courses are mobile and tablet compatible so you can train from anywhere.

Questions? Contact Erin O'Connor at or 518.880.6348

Monthly Subscriptions

Seat licenses can be transferred between accounts each month. When an employee finishes training, simply queue the seat licenses for transfer to the next employee and the system automatically moves the seat at the start of your next billing cycle.

Seat Licenses

Price Per Seat

Monthly Cost

1 $59 $59
2 $50 $99
3 $43 $129
4 $40 $159
5 $38 $189
6 $34 $209
7 $32 $229
8 $31 $249
9 $29 $269
10 $28 $289
15 $25 $379
20 $20 $419
25 $19 $479

Individual Subscription Rates

No. of employees

Per employee per year

Cost per day

1-2 $219 60¢
3-4 $159 44¢
5-9 $139 38¢
10-24 $109 30¢
25-49 $89 24¢
50 or more Contact Erin O'Connor at or 518.880.6348


The courses are excellent. Compared with other training I've seen, BSCi is like graduate school versus grade school. -- Robert Bowden, Inc., Atlanta
After 16 years in the business, I thought BSCi would be just a refresher. I learned something new from every course I took. -- National Lumber, Boston
I recently attended a full-day seminar, then saw a BSCi course on the topic. It had the same information, I could do it at my own pace, and it only took me half an hour. -- ProBuild, Green Bay

Questions? Contact Erin O'Connor at or 518.880.6348